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About us


My name is Dave Klahs and I am co-owner of K & B Cattle Co, along with Ryan Barrows.  We started our cattle company in 2009 as a way to be able to raise our own healthy beef for our friends and family.  We started with a few cows on some rented pasture on the same farm that I spent many years helping and learning from an experienced farmer.  Over the years we have grown our herd and experience in grass finishing beef to be able to provide our families and customers with healthy food for the table.  We currently have 40 mama cows that raise calves for us.  We keep the heifer calves for about 2 years until they are ready to be harvested for beef.  The heifer calves finish better on pasture and make nice, tender grass-fed beef.  We usually sell the steers and buy additional heifer calves from local farmers to add to our herd.


A little back ground about ourselves, I am pharmacist in Clinton, Missouri. My wife, Katie, and I moved to Clinton, MO after pharmacy school to work and raise our family. We have two daughters, Faith and Bailey.  The reason we chose Clinton was that I had planned on eventually getting into the cattle business, as I had been helping on my friend’s farm in the area for a number of years while in pharmacy school.  I had done a lot of research about pasture management, cattle management, and the economics of starting a farm.  I have bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from Missouri State University and Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  I have been practicing pharmacy since 2007.  Being a pharmacist,  allows me a mixed and flexible schedule so that I have plenty of time to take care of the farm and cattle, also time to spend with my family when they are not in school. Over the years owning our cows and managing our farm, I have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t work to achieve our goal of providing healthy grass-fed beef for our friends and family. 


We chose to set up this site as a way to make it easier for our friends, families, and customers to pick out different packages and quantities of beef they would like to purchase for their families.  We had been selling beef as ¼, ½, or whole beef, but that is a lot of beef for most families and freezer space becomes an issue pretty fast.  So, we decided this would be a better way for us to get our products to our customers.  Upon purchase we will deliver to St. Louis and Kansas City every other month at specified dates in the future.  We will not ship via FedEX or UPS, as we would want to ensure your beef gets to you frozen and not left on your porch.  Also, the shipping rates are very expensive to send frozen items.


Our farm is located a few miles north of Clinton and a couple miles from my home.  It is 225 acres of very good pasture consisting of a mix of fescue, brome, and warm season grasses along with a variety of legumes including red clover, white clover, sweet clover, and lespedeza.  This mix of grass and clover provide a veritable salad bar for our cattle to enjoy throughout the year.  We bale hay on a small portion of the farm to provide additional feed in the winter months when the grasses and clover go dormant.  Pasture management is probably the most important job at our farm.  We practice management intensive grazing as our grazing program, meaning the cattle are only on a small area of the farm at one time and moved to fresh, rested pasture frequently.  This style of pasture management allows the pasture to rest and regrow ensuring and not be overgrazed.  This keeps the plants healthy and the cattle healthy at the same time.  My job is keep a fully stocked salad bar in front of the cattle at each move. 


Our cattle, when ready to be harvested, are taken to one of two inspected abattoir, Alewels Meats in Warrensburg, MO or Hetherington’s Meats in Clinton, MO. We use two butcher shops because occasionally there is long waiting list to bring in animals.  Both do quality work, and we will continue to do business with them.  Our beef is aged for two weeks at the butcher shop before being cut into steaks, roasts, and made into hamburger.  We believe our beef is superior to the grocery store beef in that our beef are not raised in a feed lot, they are pasture their entire lives with access to quality grass and clover.  They are never feed any grain products.  They are not given any grow promoting antibiotics are hormones.  The calves are given vaccinations the first year to prevent contracting diseases.  They get two rounds of shots at 2 months of age and at around 8 months when they are weaned.  We would like to not give any vaccinations but there are cattle on the neighboring farms all around our farm and the vaccinations are to protect our cattle from them.  Any sick cattle are separated from the herd, treated, and sold at auction. 


We are looking for customers who like to cook with quality ingredients from local farms cared for by someone they trust.  We are passionate about the care of our animals, our farm, and our customers.  We want to build relationships with our customers to learn what they like and dislike about our beef and how we can help them with cooking techniques and recipes.  We enjoy doing the work that goes into raising beef and celebrate that effort with some steaks on the grill or tasty hamburgers shared with friends at a barbecue.